1 Corinthians 3:11

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

The stance, or base, is a more important aspect of the golf swing than we usually consider when we start playing the game. Too far forward on our toes or too far back on the heels creates an unsteady base which makes the start of the swing impossible or extremely difficulty. A good start is important and establishes the correct flow and perimeters of the entire swing.

The same importance should be placed on our spiritual base. If we are looking too far forward, we will find ourselves not adjusted or sufficiently learned to progress. If we are looking backward, we get too wrapped up in our past life before salvation.

In the last couple of weeks, a Christian writer and a singer from a well-know Christian group have made headlines by either doubting, re-examining ,or disclaiming their faith entirely. This confusion is inevitable with a faulty base. Once a sinner is saved by the blood of Christ, he or she is born again into a new creature. These new thoughts and new appreciation for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ create a new individual who is both incapable and unwilling to disclaim or disavow this transformation. The problem is with the base and who many are worshipping. In order to serve Christ, we must have Christ. It cannot be reversed. The glory from our achievements and talents has nothing to do with man. A correct and solid base makes the sinner realize that man is capable of nothing eternal when left to his own devices. When a foundation of earthly success and riches has any base other than Christ, it will not and cannot withstand the elements of the world.

Our base is Jesus Christ and nothing else. God provided the means for our salvation, an inspired word for our knowledge, and a Holy Spirit for comfort and guidance. If our base is founded upon emotion, carnal descent or religious practices, cracks are going to begin to form very quickly. Just as with a golf swing, it is impossible to recover in time for the downswing and make contact when the proper weight shift is reversed.

The blood of Christ is an everlasting foundation. It has the same power today than it did two thousand years ago. The doctrines of Jesus Christ withstand science and the theories of man. The only plan by which a man can be saved has not changed. Concrete is said to get stronger and more solid with time. The longer it sets, the more solid the foundation. Interestingly, however, concrete cannot withstand frequent exposure to salt. When we park on our concrete driveways after a large snow, the salt from the formula placed on the road by the highway department slowly seeps onto the concrete when the snow on our vehicle finally melts. Season after season and snow after snow, the salt begins to eat up the top layer of concrete. Even though concrete is strong and can be made to handle over 6,000 pounds per square inch, it still has its weight limits and an internal composition that has deficits. Anything exceeding its weight limit will begin to comprise the integrity of the concrete mixture. Salvation through Jesus Christ withstands personal turmoils, worldly tragedies, and the actions of a faulty man. It cannot and will not be compromised.

Consider how the philosophy of teaching in our school systems have changed just in the past 20 years. We have turned from a system which taught the student to learn to one which teaches him/her to take standardized tests. Today’s philosophies of teaching multiplication and division resemble nothing of the methods used even ten years ago. The theories of the golf swing have even changed. Every golf instructor teaches the “shallowed” transition and then depends upon the data flashed upon a computer screen to see if it worked or not. No longer can the eye analyze the faulty mechanics of the golf swing.

Thankfully,however, the convicting power of the Holy Spirit still leads the sinner to the base of Christ. Only He was born of a virgin and capable of being the sacrifice for the sins of man. Only He rose from the grave thereby conquering a physical death. Only He has the power to satisfy the spiritual needs of man. His joy is an everlasting joy. His cup always is full and available to the believer.

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