Amos 3:3

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Some of the most enjoyable rounds are spent walking nine holes on a late summer evening with a longtime friend. Sometimes it is a planned engagement and others are a meeting at the first tee by happenstance. This walk is more about friendship than competition. There are no scorecards present or limits on mulligans. There are no awkward looks as to whose turn it is to hit or “honors” on the next tee box. Most of the time balls are not even marked on the green unless in direct path. This walk is not the same if a friendship is not present among the participants.

God desires this type of relationship and walk with us which is made available by and through His son. Sin, however, creates a wedge between the harmony of man and God. A reconciliation is necessary. Justice was satisfied by Jesus through his obedience, sacrifices and death. Man still has to accept in order for the reconciliation to be complete. God does not walk with those who are not reconciled to him. Similarly, there can be no fellowship without friendship. Israel felt it could enjoy the protections and benefits of God without any need of a relationship or right fellowship.

“Walking” connotes an action and progress toward a destination. Unless Christ be with us, our efforts all are in vain. When we worship, it is to be done in agreement of the Holy Spirit. When we witness to a lost friend or loved one, it is a vain effort unless we are directed by the Holy Spirit. There can be no progress unless the believer is in a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This relationship is fostered and strengthened by continual prayer and supplication, frequent worship when He is served and praised, and a love of study of his Word. Let us desire this harmonious walk with our Savior. The blessings and benefits are innumerable, but even still the provided reconciliation is all worthy.

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