Jeremiah 31:25

For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.

Labor Day always arrives right on time. After a busy and hot summer of activities, we need this extra day off to recuperate before beginning a season of colder temperatures and everything pumpkin spice. Of course, Labor Day gives us a chance to steal another summer round of golf during the work week. For those who are retired and do not “labor”, today doesn’t really mean as much to you anymore. But to the 9-5 worker, it is certainly a blessing for the ability to play a round of golf on a Monday without having to worry about the bossman calling or texting.

We who have experienced salvation can testify to the fact that God gives the weary sinful soul rest. Notice both states of the soul mentioned in Jeremiah 31:25 indicate that the soul gets to a certain degree of decay before the reviving of the Lord is desired or appreciated.

The harder the employee works during the year, the greater his appreciation for a day off. Similarly, once the soul is able to appreciate its weariness and sorrowful state, it desires a “saving” or a reviving. The weariness of sin brings about a certain conviction and a realization that the effects of sin on the soul and body are debilitating. The more and more things the sinful soul tries in order to alleviate the symptoms of sin, the more weary the soul becomes. Until the sinful soul reaches out and calls upon Christ, he or she will continue to fall deeper and grow even more exhausted. Thankfully, my Savior doesn’t run out of “saving supplies.” The shed blood that was sufficient to give that sinful heart new life generations ago still is sufficient in supply today.

The weary soul can be revived into a state of life again and a life more abundant than ever imagined. The rest the worker receives from a day off on Labor Day is temporary and lasts until about lunch time tomorrow. The believer, however, is able to testify that his or her salvation is an eternal replenishing.

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