Romans 9:1

I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost.

Golf is a gentleman’s game. To a large degree, there are no umpires or referees who proactively make decisions on rules violations. However at the professional touring level, there are rules officials, fans, and television cameras which are able to spot wrong doing. The every day amateur golfer can get away with doing pretty much anything away from the eye of a playing competitor. He or she can drop balls, move balls in the rough, or lie about that extra stroke out of the trees. Thankfully, most golfers have integrity and honesty to play the game as intended and others do not have to worry about another’s dishonest acts to gain a competitive advantage.

The life of a Christian is a “gentleman’s life.” We are not guided by the norms of society or its allowances. We have the presence of the Holy Spirit who guides and directs us as to what we should and should not be doing. Certain drugs, alcohol, gambling and abortion are all legal under the laws of either our country or state. We have the right to consume or engage in all of these activities. In many instances, our world celebrates a person’s participation irrespective of the resulting harms knowingly caused by each decision. Families and lives are torn apart and even eliminated, yet they are legal activities.

We all have a conscience. We know it is morally wrong if we drop a ball out of our pocket because we are unable to find our tee shot which headed for an out of bounds stake. However, when our conscience is enlightened by the Holy Spirit, it is upgraded to guide us in all spiritual matters. A conscience will not direct a man unto service for God. A conscience will not direct us to witness to the lost. The Holy Spirit sanctifies our conscience and bears witness to God’s Word and His will for our life. He enlightens our direction and, if we allow, directs all of our paths and actions in agreement with God’s will. Let us heed and fully submit ourselves to this guidance. He will never steer us down a wrong spiritual path.

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