Romans 9:3

For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh:”

A certain group of golfers (who will remain nameless) would search for days through mud, mire, foliage or briars to find a lost golf ball. This hunt is applicable for balls that are not even from their own clubs. Some golfers have an eye and a desire to find that golden pro-v1 thought to be forever lost ball deep into the woods. They are “ball hawks.”

Jesus desires us to have that same pine for lost souls. Just as the lost golf ball might not be ours, the lost soul may not be from our own family or group of friends. We are to have an eye and a ear for those who are lost and in need of a saving. Some are not even aware of their lost condition. The ground onto which they lie has a feeling of safety, security and comfort, but has a destiny of ruin and ultimate destruction. This search for the lost is one of dire consequences, yet we are all guilty of treating their souls as a worn out Precept.

Paul had such a desire for others to come to Christ that he would offer himself “accursed from Christ for [his] brethren.” He would give up his relationship with Christ if it would somehow mean others would be saved. Paul understood the seriousness of the matter and his actions reflected his great concern. I am as guilt as the next person, but we put our time and convenience ahead of the witnessing to the lost. If an invitation goes into that fourth stanza, we begin looking at our watches or cell phones for the time in anticipation for the ending of the service. We’e “got” things to do – we gave golf balls to look for. Maybe our thoughts aren’t that crude, but are equally unimportance. Honestly, we will probably never have a desire equal to that of Paul to see lives saved. However, let us greatly increase our concerns, prayers and witnessing to those around us. Let us live a life reflecting the grace and mercy of our Savior and the impact he has in our lives.

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