Isaiah 55:9

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Every new round brings with it an expectation to play better than the last time we teed up the ball. We desire to rectify that bladed chip which led to the double bogey, strive not to hit that drive out of bounds, or not pound another putt 8 feet by leading to an unnecessary three-putt bogey. These errors came from the hand of ourselves. There isn’t a defender or any external forces to cause any of the aforementioned “round killers”. Each and every bogey is directly from our own wrongdoing.

Our Christian walk should have the same high expectations. We should expect God to bless our lives if we are His child through our faith in His son Jesus Christ. We have a right and a promise to have this expectation. However, our own actions can have a detrimental effect on our receipt of His impact in our life. If we don’t allow Him to act or desire His guidance, God’s influence will be severely limited. The more we depend upon ourselves, our own hands, and own ability, the more we run the risk for error. The more we depend upon our strength, the more we realize the extent of our personal limitations. Our strength is weak and our minds are limited without the Holy Spirit.

Our expectation of God is quite limited as to what He is actually able to do both in our lives and in our world. Our minds cannot fathom the extent of his power and reach. At His weakest, He is still immensely stronger than man’s greatest capabilities. Don’t shortchange the expectations you have for God today!

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