1 Peter 1:16

Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

It’s that time of the season again for those holes to be violently pressed into our beautiful putting surfaces. Aeration allows the old soil to be broken up and refreshened. Additionally, it permits the necessary nutrients to be better absorbed by the soil and a fresher grass surface to be established. The deeper the aeration, the better the surface is able to be renewed and restored. The process is a painful, but necessary evil.

We should have a desire to be holy because God is holy. This desired “holiness” is not particularly a moral purity, but is a separation or a sanctification of the believer. We are to be set apart from the standards of the world for God’s service. The “bad parts” of our mind and soul are to be minimized. This refreshing of the soul allows us to be used by God for the work of His Kingdom. Daily repentance of either our sins of omission or commission allows our relationship with God to be refreshed and strengthened.

Notice that when greens are aerated, they must be watered heavily during the healing process. The growth and regrowth must be fed continually. Similarly, our holiness is dependent upon us being watered and fed on a regularly basis. We should strive to have an active prayer and Bible study life.

We will never attain the holiness of God in this bodily form. Our soul is saved, but our flesh still remains sinful and desirous of gratification through earthly pleasures. Just as the grass and soil can be refreshed and rejuvenated by the aeration process, there are sprigs of crabgrass that will still find a way to make themselves onto the surface. The soil composition may be pure, but infiltration of rogue grasses and weeds is inevitable.

The surface still must be sprayed with chemicals to minimize the growth of the unwanted imperfections. The saved soul is made pure by the blood of Jesus Christ. However, we must take heed of any unwanted desires which will attempt to invade our thoughts and mind and make themselves visible in our lives.

Our mind and flesh will never be perfected in this form. However, we can minimize the effects by a regular application of fertilizers through the study of God’s word, fervent prayer and church attendance.

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