1 Peter 3:15

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

Almost every PGA Tour golfer has at least one sponsor for clubs, balls, or apparel. Many have a sponsor for all three in addition to other supporters such as for travel. The company pays the golfer monetarily and supplies him with its goods to use or wear for the season. The motivation is simple. The better the golfer, the more likely the golfer is going to be on television during the peak hours. Thus, the company gets great exposure when its golfer is in contention. The viewer can’t help but catch a glimpse of that big emblem on the golfer’s shirt or bag. When he wins a tournament, amateur golfers want to know which model of driver he used for the victory. However, the golfer’s responsibilities involve more than performance expectations. The golfer cannot give his sponsors a “black eye” by doing anything which may tarnish the reputation of the company. A number of Tiger Woods’ longtime sponsors left him during his off the course troubles.

The believer should be a reflection of Christ. He in a sense is our sponsor. He has provided us with salvation first and foremost, but also gives us all of our day to day needs. His desires for us are to glorify His name and to share this glorious gospel with others. We have certain “performance expectations” which should guide our steps and the way in which we make those steps. It takes years to establish a good witness, but only minutes to ruin one.

The love, humbleness and forgiveness we project in our life in turn reflects the grace and mercy of our Savior. His foundation is an eternal hope for which is only realized in a placing of full faith in Jesus Christ. We can’t have any other sponsors. A great conflict of interest arises when other influences are allowed. He sponsors our walk and our talk. Similarly, our modesty and meekness represents his presentation on Earth. Despite being the only son of the most high, He lived a meager life.

He walked upon the Earth in human form and was tempted in the same ways as us for the sole purpose that others would be able to live eternally without the chains of sin. Our gait was visibly unsteady carrying around sin upon our shoulders. However, we who are free have a certain “giddy up” to our walk. It is not a boastful or arrogant strut, but one of freedom. The freedom is one of knowing our transgressions and sins have been forgiven. The slate is clean and His shed blood is not dry. We should always be at the ready to give the reason for our joy. It isn’t dependent upon the world or anything it has to offer. He is our eternal sponsor!

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