Philippians 1:6

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Getting an effective and esthetically pleasing golf swing is like any other project to be completed around the house. It takes as a little longer than anticipated and much longer than desired. Something simple you begin thinking should only take one day is three days. We want instant and painless results from as little effort as possible.

Any type of valuable change requires commitment. The end result is rewarding to see something miserable transformed into something that can enjoyed. Once the old is restored or broken down, it can be molded and improved.

My wife frequently reminds me that I am great about starting projects, but finishing them is another story. For some reason, projects are fun to start until that inevitable snag rears it’s head. It is then that I lose interest in the false hope when I return to said project, the snag will have mysteriously worked itself out.

Our God takes us on as an improvement project the moment He becomes our Heavenly Father. He is able to cleanse a sinful soul and then transform it into a something He can use. Thankfully, our God never gives up when He hits a snag. This snag is our own rebellion or resistance to an area of reform. Jesus Christ’s shed blood is a miraculous transformation agent of the sinful heart. Our desires and what fulfills us change because of the saved soul, but the filth of the flesh will always resist this cleanliness.

Salvation occurs instantaneously when we accept Jesus Christ into our lives by our full faith in Him. Part of this faith is the confidence that He is able to cleanse, purify and restore a soul from a lifetime of sin. He desires a gradual growth in our spiritual lives from that point forward. We are not saved to be satisfied by a steady diet of milk for the duration of our life on Earth. Paul taught the church at Phillipi about this process. God begins his work at the time of salvation and does not stop His molding until it is completed. This completion will perfected either when we experience our earthly death or upon His second coming when all of the saved will be forever redeemed.

If God did not continue the growth of the Christian, the world would be void of teachers, preachers, singers, or even the precious elderly member who is only able to pray and fill a church pew. This Saint can can testify to our Lord’s redeeming grace, transforming mercy, and His lifetime commitment. For he or she is confident because the Lord has been faithful. What a Savior we serve who doesn’t save us for the shelf!

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