Romans 8:15

For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

My cousin’s 16 year old daughter qualified for the Virginia state golf tournament this week. Even though we are not considered closely related genealogically, I couldn’t have been proud if she were my own daughter. I looked at all her tournament memories and the rounds we have played together. I was there when she couldn’t break 95, when she melted down and felt like going home. I remember when she didn’t know to mark her ball on the green or when it was her turn to hit.

After a few minutes of reflecting, I thought to myself “why do I even care?” She is only my second cousin. It was then I realized that I care because of our relationship more than any family relation. She was the first to text me before the final round of a local invitational tournament. I still have that text and she always tells that she loves me. It became clearer to me than ever before. If I feel this way toward a second cousin’s accomplishment, imagine how our Heavenly Father feels when we accept His son as Savior. Imagine how proud He must be when we dedicate our lives to serving Him. Imagine how proud He must be when we raise our children in a Christian home and they each make a decision to follow Christ. He undoubtedly looks down in love knowing the path of our desired sanctification.

Before we accepted Christ, we had no familial relationship with God. He was our creator but not our Heavenly Father. However, our God still knew us when we struggled and lived in sin. He knew us when we were broken and battered. When we accept His Son as Savior, we first knew Him for who He really is to us. The Holy Spirit releases the bondages of law, sin and genealogy. We are adopted into new family. He desires a close relationship with us.

When you get broken down physically and spiritually, look at the cross and think of His pain and tears. It was then He revealed His love for us. Not only weren’t we related, we were at enmity with Him. We were in direct opposition against everything Jesus. The greatest miracle to ever take place is the meeting of the will of Christ with the soul of the sinner which prior to directly opposed any close relationship.

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