John 10:41

And many resorted unto him, and said, John did no miracle: but all things that John spake of this man were true.

The hole-in-one is probably the number one desired accomplishment in any sport. When golf is mentioned, it doesn’t take long for someone to ask “have you had a hole-in-one”? There is just something about sending a ball over four hundred feet and landing inside something as small as a hole 4.25 inches in diameter. No season goes by without a golfer telling his or her hole-in-one stories. It’s either that perfectly struck ball never leaving the flag, the bladed seven iron which somehow bounced in the hole, or the fact he or she has never had one. A witness to attest to the account is required in order for the shot to be legitimized. One of the worst feelings would have to be playing alone and hole a shot from off the tee without anyone to witness the feat. The golfer would tell the story for a lifetime, but no one would ever believe it. Witnesses are important in the law and the golf course. They corroborate the value of what was said or done. The more credible the witness, the more legitimacy is given to the account.

John was such a witness for Jesus Christ. He had no spectacular gift, skill or notable ability. Jesus, however, regarded him to be among His most trusted because of his accountability and dependability. In John 13:23, it was John who was leaving upon Jesus’s bosom and it was John “whom Jesus loved.

John was present with Peter and James when the daughter of Jairus was healed from a decade of bleeding in Mark 5:37. John didn’t heal the girl, but he was there to give an account of the miracle. Moreover, John was there at the transfiguration and at Gethsemane. John was most notable for his faithfulness toward Jesus. His presence allowed him to give an account of the miracles, but also the sufferings by our Savior.

The witness is an important person in the spread of God’s love and power through His son Jesus Christ. We may not have eloquent speech for preaching or a great voice for singing, but if Jesus has transformed our life from one of sin to one of love and adoration, we have the greatest gift of consequence. It is then you can give the “eye witness” account of “what a sinner was I, until Jesus passed by!” Further, the believer’s faithfulness to the church bears witness of a love and dedication toward our Savior. John didn’t heal the sick or raise the dead, but he was always by the side of Jesus and was loved because of this faithfulness.

John took Jesus’ request to heart in Mark 1:20. Both he and his brother James “left their father Zebedee in the ship with the hired servants, and went after him.” We may not have worldly riches, but all have the ability to follow closely by Jesus. The closer we follow, the more credible are our claims of his doings within our life and in the lives of others. Even the bedridden can follow the Savior closely. It isn’t done by large checks written to the evangelist on television – it is given by that Saint during those final days attestingall things that John spake of this man were true!”

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