1 Kings 10:7

Howbeit I believed not the words, until I came, and mine eyes had seen it: and, behold, the half was not told me: thy wisdom and prosperity exceedeth the fame which I heard.

Most of us have one course where we think know every hole, depression and mound because of the number of times we have played it combined with the different places on the course we have found ourselves. Yet, each time we play the course, we still find nuances and places which we have never seen or considered. Often times, people will post pictures of our local golf course from an uncommon viewpoint and I have to look closely to realize the picture was taken at a place I’ve visited hundreds of times.

Our knowledge and view point of God is minuscule compared to what our realization will be one day. We think we know enough to write about and proclaim these truths, but the half has never been seen or told by any of us. In Romans 11:33, it is said “his ways [are] past finding out.”

When the Queen of Sheba visited the palace of Solomon, she could not believe its vast beauty. She had heard of his wisdom and prosperity, but after experiencing it she admitted “the half was not told me.” One day everything we have read about in the Bible and heard preached will come to full fruition. In addition, we will have a total realization of the other half that our mortal minds could not contemplate or even imagine.

Theologian and pastor John Owen long ago wrote, “the intendment of all gospel revelation is, not to unveil God’s essential glory, that we should see him as he is, but merely to declare so much of him as he knows sufficient to be a bottom of our faith, love, obedience, and coming to him,—that is, of the faith which here he expects from us; such services as beseem poor creatures in the midst of temptations.” Thus, the purpose of God’s glory for us to realize our “minimal” status as compared to what it will be one day. He does not intend for us to have full realization of His majesty, the entirety of His knowledge, and the vastness of His kingdom as we are today.

When we play a course or do anything for the first time, our goal is just not to mess up. We want to know where to go and where to avoid. The believer is blessed to get a picture of our God through the workings of His son. Jesus is the sole foundation of what God desires us to see and believe. Jesus bestowed all of the attributes of the Heavenly Father. He came into the world in meekness and poverty, but yet perfectly revealed God’s enormous love for man through His life and teachings. There was none of the revelry which one would expect.

We as believers and the reflection of Christ on Earth should strive to be the witness to the lost around us. When they see us struggle, falter or even fail, let them see that our faith in our Savior grows even stronger. It is then in these times, they can realize that the “half was not told me.” The power of experiencing Jesus as Christ and Lord is much greater than could ever be written or spoken.

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