Matthew 2:9

When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.

We all have those people who helped develop our love for the game of golf. My elderly neighbor picked me up a few times one summer at 6 am and took me to the course. He needed to be out in front of everyone else because he played so fast. He loved the game more than anyone I’ve ever known. However, once he got older, he didn’t have anyone with whom to play. I became that guy and his project to get into the game. Little did I know that I’d still be playing this game thirty years later.

Just as the wisemen followed the star to Jesus, we each have had “spiritual” stars who led us to Christ and a more spiritually driven life. Of course, the Holy Spirit leads and directs our life, but we all have those human elements who have helped mold and strengthen us along the way. This “star” could have been an old preacher, Sunday School teacher, “front row sitting” deacon or even the sweet Saint who lived down the street. These “stars” helped lead us to Jesus and then made our way easier and less confusing.

The road to Jesus and the subsequent narrow path therefrom are not always straightforward. Some of us drift toward earthly paths when progress was not immediately realized or obtained. Moreover, just as golf improvement is not always quick and easy, this spiritual road toward the “star” is not always smoothly paved. However, these “stars” were there among us to help and guide us by letting us know this journey is worth all of the struggles. Our struggles and confusions come not from above, but by our own yearnings to fit in and conform to other guidance.

Let us be thankful for these leading “stars” who kept us on a path to the Father! Let us have a deep desire to become this “star” for someone else. Spiritual mentorship is truly “the gift that keeps on giving!” Golf is a lifetime sport which can be played by both the young and the old. Salvation is an eternal gift which guides and comforts in this life, but more importantly gives us an assurance for the world to come. Jesus has been and will always be our guiding “star”!

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