Jude 1:10

But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.

One of the best tournament locations on the entire PGA schedule is Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California. The field is always one is the strongest, but this course isn’t for every Tour player. Many top ranked players usually sit this week out because of the beastly nature of Riviera. The course’s teeth doesn’t come from length, island green complexes or Mickey Mouse man-made obstacles. It’s difficulty is based solely on genius design and green complex composition. The course itself does not cause the golfer difficulty, but the smallest errors by the golfer are still magnified.

Jude wrote about a group of men who spoke evil about things which they did not know and defiled themselves by natural things because they had the discernment capability or lack thereof of “brute beasts.” What a great illustration about the spirit that is prevalent in our society. The evil in the world today is attempting to make a mockery of the goodness and simplicity created by our Heavenly Father. The institution of marriage, the sanctity of life, and the innocence of our children are all on the attack by a people who have the same reasoning of “brute beasts.”

The spirit of darkness has and will always attempt to mimic the goodness and sovereignty of God. As a result, the devil desires man to attempt to improve upon and advance these spiritual creations for his own advancement. These “brutish” desires make a mockery of these spiritual creations because of a lack of knowingness. They speak of enlightenment, but yet are corrupted by simplicity.

Just as it isn’t the design of the course which creates the problem, the creations of God do not in and of themselves tempt man to stray from the plan. Man tries to drive the 310 yard par 4 hole in order to card a quick birdie or attempt to flag hunt on the 160 yard par 3. We then find ourselves in trouble where caution and a conservative plays would result in a greater opportunity for success. Such is our path created by God and a knowledge of His Son. His ways are clear and His direction is easily attainable. Men without the Spirit, however, revert to their “brutish” tendency and mentality of secular defilement.

The believer is thankful for a Spirit which gives us knowledge and guidance of natural simplicity. His ways are not complex or hidden, but are often confused by our own strivings. His perfection cannot be improved upon. Let us strive to have a greater spiritual maturity through the power of His presence and the strength of His word.

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