Romans 5:6

For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

The amount of rain we have received the past few weeks has saturated many of the local courses to a point of unplayability. The temperatures have been abnormally warm and otherwise perfect to play, but for the many inches of rain. We can do nothing about the weather and the conditions that result therefrom. We “can’t help it.”

Many times we speak of those who are unable to do the work of the Lord because of being “providentially hindered.” What does that state actually mean and do we sometimes liberalize it’s usage? I found a definition which accurately describes this state as being “prevented from participating in an event, activity, or sequence of events in which we try our best to accomplish, but due to circumstances beyond human control it is made impossible for us, thus attributing the hindrance to the intervention of God for His purpose.” In other words, we are made physically impossible of doing something because of circumstances beyond our control.

The standard for being “providentially hindered” is much higher than we often use as an excuse. We sometimes deem it impossible for doing the things of the Lord because of “sniffles”, aches, and even events which we voluntarily put into our life. We are guilty of causing our own hindrance to service.

Our greatest period of hindrance was when we were without Christ in our lives. We were deemed to be utterly helpless and powerless within our own means. We could do nothing within our own ability to free ourselves from this condition. We were born unto a sinful condition and freely acted in accordance to this nature. Good deeds and adherence to religion could not change our sinful condition. Thankfully, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, this obstacle or hindrance was removed. By accepting Jesus as both Lord and Savior, we have a means and promise of a victory. The veil of separation was forever torn for the believer.

In Mark 9:23, the words of Jesus tell us “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” The believer has a great testimony of this impact of Christ upon his or her life. Our desires and our strivings were altered from one of selfishness to one of service unto Him. Our goal of personal gain was substituted with one of a higher calling. Most importantly, our soul was forever transformed from one ravaged by sin to one saved by His blood. Our salvation gives us a desire for service. This service is a great calling as we are each to be ministers of this saving gospel.

Let us strive to be workers of this great commission. We can find many excuses to be unable to perform our duties. However, none of them trump our excuse to worship and praise our Savior for our salvation. Even the most providentially hindered, has this ability to proclaim His faithfulness and goodness. Our chains of sin were replaced by a cord attached to the Most High. He carried us through the high waters of sin. He is worthy of all our praise! Why do we say this? We can’t help it!

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