Titus 2:8

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.

“Mashed potatoes” and “Get in the Hole” are just a couple things yelled out at golf events immediately after the golfer makes contact. The “yeller” tries to time his “speech” perfectly so as not to interrupt the golfer’s attention and not be muffled by the claps. There is a split second of silence where “Get In the Hole” from 450 yards can be accurately conveyed to the professional golfer.

When we think of “sound speech”, we consider avoiding words of the four letter variety which is certainly part of the concern. Cursing does nothing to supplement the communication of our message. In Titus 2:8, Paul warned the people to be cognizant of the entirety of our verbal communications. There were no lingering emails or Facebook posts to haunt the people of Paul’s day. Yet, he still understood the effect of corrupt communication.

We are judged by the quality and accuracy of information we say either verbally or post. Consider the major news outlets of today and the lack of legitimacy that has been fostered. One leans heavily to the right and the other to the extreme left. The truth many times lies directly between the two. Thus, neither accurately described what exactly happened and was distributed with an intent to be bias.

Corrupt communication causes confusion. The dissemination of “fake news” is difficult enough to correct today. Imagine it’s harm in a time and age where the means of combination was limited. We are judged by the things we say. We all know people who like to talk and speak of rumors or unconfirmed happenings in an effort to either cause excitement or avoid uncomfortable silence in conversation. These communications do nothing to promote the purity and glory of God and His kingdom. Many times we cause confusion because the truth lies somewhere between. This confusion is created by own words.

The Word of God has no such inconsistencies or bias when it is spoken, written, or communicated in its pure form. We often hear the words, “God said it, I believe it and that settles it.” It doesn’t matter whether we believe it or not. If God said it, it is already settled. Man does not add or eliminate the truths contained in the Holy Word of God. It is our job to communicate what “this saith the Lord” with nothing added or taken away. His words are pure and uncorrupted by our thoughts, opinions or leanings. His Word withstands societal norms and political shifts. His Word is never corrupt and cannot be condemned. His Word is to seek and save a lost and corrupt world. When disseminated and preached in its pure form, man can fully understand the truths and realize his own failure. “Sound speech” conveys a testimony of redemption. “Pure speech” reflects his saving grace and mercy!

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