Genesis 1:2

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

During those long one hour and a half Tuesday and Thursday classes, my notebook in college was filled with sketches of golf course designs as my mind wondered away from “Political Science.” Our minds can picture and create these designs based upon what we have experienced. We have seen or played an island par three. We have marveled at a coastal etching of a boundary for a par four. We have grimaced after finding our pro-v1 in one of those bunkers requiring the use of a ladder to enter. Our experience has shaped what a golf course should look like to meet our desires. Our eye is based upon what we have already experienced.

Our God formed the Earth from nothing. There was truly a blank slate upon which everything was created. Past designs were not used as models and no production failures were utilized as to how to improve the current formation. All of creation was spoke into existence by the great Creator.

Some argue for basis of an Earth formed as a result of a cosmic collision or “Big Bang”. Assuming for the sake of argument such collusion occurred, what or who created the matter to make such a “bang” possible? Science cannot explain the creation of something out of nothing. Nothing is hard to grasp. Our idea of “nothing” is always based on the “absence of something.”

It is impossible for our human minds to fully grasp the greatness of God. Without faith, we are unable to accept a God who can do the scientifically impossible. Consider our spiritual transformation after accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. This miracle was equally remarkable as two inherently opposing desires met and a new creation formed. A holy and righteous God made provision for the eternal redemption of an enemy.

Our spirituality was formless and baseless until Christ was present in our life. We could not comprehend the change or impact that is possible in the life of a sinner whose desires were at enmity with a sovereign and holy God. Our will directly opposed that of God. The human mind could not sketch a blueprint to suffice to redeem the sinfulness of man.

Jesus was present at the beginning and His life, death and resurrection was always the master plan as the sole means of redemption for man. Our salvation and awe of this new creation gives us the ability to proclaim “How Great Thou Art!”

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