Psalms 100:4

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

Our societal duty when we play an iconic or picturesque course is to take pictures with our handy cell phone. It is not only to have remembrance of the visit, but also and maybe primarily to announce it to everyone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I have to admit that I spent more time at Bandon and Pebble Beach worrying about getting the perfect shot of the scenery than concentrating on playing golf. I paid the cost more for the experience than the ability to play the courses. Documenting the experience on our cell phone has become the logical response in the special times of our lives.

The logical response of the believer when he or she recognizes the presence of God is praise and worship in thankfulness. We are thankful for His presence, His grace and His mercy. In Psalms 100, we see the joy David experienced when he entered into the presence of God. We can relate to the failures of David. We too fall short daily of our spiritual duties and allow ourselves to succumb to lustful pleasures. We have felt the disgust within ourselves. Yet, when we allow His presence and all His holiness to direct, we cannot help to sing and testify of His goodness.

Our life reveals our mortal limitations. As soon as we think we have things “figured out”, our society changes the rules allowing confusion and doubt to creep in. It then we are able to fully comprehend God’s unfailing direction and guidance. When we were convicted of our lost condition, our sins were brought to light and we realized our powerlessness. Placing our faith and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior changed the fluidity of our wants and desires. His presence transformed us from needing the stamp of approval from the world to desiring obedience unto our Savior. Worship and praise resulted in the day when we were reborn. Worship and praise has continued to be the logical response to His presence ever since!

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