Philippians 2:15

That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.

On the driving range, I can hit the 100 and 150 yard signs with a Tour professional’s frequency. The guy driving the “ball retrieving” tractor doesn’t have a chance either. I am able to hit the stinger 5 iron into the cage of the cab as he makes his way toward to the back of the field. I make my way to the practice green and chip in two or three balls out of my twenty attempts, then hole the same number of putts from 15 feet. I am the driving range pro. Something, however, happens when I make my way to the first tee. All of the feelings of perfection and the ease of my golf swing turn into feelings of distrust as ball after ball miss their target. Balls from off my driver find themselves in heavy weeds and under trees. Chip shots fall short of the green. When I finally get on the green my arms and legs are shaking on putts from two or three feet because the strokes count for real now. What happened to that driving range perfection?

The believer has the same feelings within the confines of the church on Wednesday and Sunday. We feel like we have the spirituality and empowerment of Paul. Things are easy during the church service. We are rejuvenated and revived. Our spiritual confidence is at an all time high. We have it all figured out. As Mike Tyson was quoted, “everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face.” We can testify that everyone can be Christ-like until they are punched by the world. The real difference of Christ within our life is evidenced when we experience adversity.

Somethings happens Monday morning. It doesn’t take long before we are spiritually tested. Things aren’t so easy. The believer is called to do his or her work in a “crooked and perverse nation.” We are called to be that blameless light in the midst of a cold dark people. We are to be more than just church Christians.

Paul understood how easy it is for the Christian be feel downtrodden while being a witness for Christ. He had one motivation – the spread of gospel. Yes, we have responsibilities within the church. It is there where we grow, learn the truths of the Word, and where our soul is renewed. However, it is in the world where our real influence is to be effective for Christ.

The work of our Lord is not to be burdensome. We are to be burdened by the lost, but privileged to have the answer. Our job is to be a witness for Jesus Christ and testify of his goodness and faithfulness. Like the driving range, things are easy inside the church. The fight begins on Monday morning as it does when we approach the first tee. The score counts and lives are at stake. Let us not feel a burden, but rejoice in the opportunity we have to be that shining like and make a difference to a hurting people. We have the remedy and have been empowered with the only hope!

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