Acts 22:11

And when I could not see for the glory of that light, being led by the hand of them that were with me, I came into Damascus.

The longer we live, the more we realize the inevitability of having a change in plans due to some unforeseen circumstance. Dinner dates cancelled because of sickness, golf outings cancelled because of weather, and maybe even weddings cancelled due to a change of heart are just a few of the alterations to man’s plans. Our best laid plans are tenuous at best. My plans for March and April have always included the exciting culmination of college basketball, the start of the baseball season, and the de facto start of the real golf season with the Masters tournament. The outbreak of “the virus” has already either cancelled, postponed or jeopardized each of these plans.

The unknown causes an uneasy feeling. Not having total control over something happening reveals our own personal limitations. We can’t control another person’s feelings, desires or current state of being. We are supposed to be at our chosen profession for 40 years, retire, then live the retired life full of grandchildren and Caribbean cruises. Our children are supposed to outlive us. Life does not always go as we plan.

Saul was living his life in what he believed to be a prosperous manner. He was successful, educated and thrived in his goal of persecuting and thwarting the growth of the gospel. One day, however, all of these plans changed. His world was turned upside down and he was confronted with God’s plan. His reason for living was transformed. Even his name was changed following this great confrontation.

On the road to Damascus, Saul was blinded by the light. Physically he could not see “for the glory of that light.” This Godly interruption forever changed the plans of Saul. Instead of a life of doing the persecuting, he was summoned to live a life to be the persecuted. Instead of hindering the works of Christ, he was transformed to a desire to the spread the gospel in ways never contemplated.

We all have these moments when we are “blinded by the light.” When we are convicted our our sins, we come to the realization that our life needs a change. As we grow as believers, this light continually changes our desires and the course of our life. Our “set in stone” plans for our life are frequently altered. The purpose of this light is to cause us to question God just as Saul questioned Him in Acts 22:10. He simply asked, “what shall I do, Lord?”

When we submit to the majesty and the authority of God, we must cancel a few things in our plans. His will is for a life of service. His direction is for a path of obedience. Our questions are possibly where we are erring. Instead of asking “why?”, we should be asking “what”, as in “what shall I do, Lord?” Let us strive to live a life seeking the will of God in a manner as to how we should accomplish His will. Sometimes we have to “cancel it all!”

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