Psalms 122:1

I was glad when they said unto me, Let is go into the house of the Lord.

When a friend asks us to to go do something with them no matter what it is (except for helping move), we feel a certain gladness or appreciation for them to think of us. We should have that same joy when it’s time to go to the house of the Lord. So many people around us would love to have the ability to step foot into church once more, but they no longer have the physical ability to do so. If the Spirit dwells in us, we have that desire to worship our Savior with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. There is not an option on Sunday morning. I realize we work our chosen vocation all week and it’s easy to take Sundays for ourselves. This selfish desire is killing our communities and local churches who have attempted to accommodate by having several service options for time of worship. It is also killing our relationship with Christ. This way of thinking is being passed down to our children and grandchildren. Again I ask, would my child have a better chance of being a Christian if I were not his/her mother or father? Push back that tee time to 1 pm and take your family to church this morning. When others intentionally create a scheduling conflict for Sunday morning church, show others “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Maybe there is a reason the leaders of a PGA Tour event don’t tee off until after noon on Sundays! Be a leader today!

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